3rd Annual Hemp Conference & Expo

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With the Canadian government poised to release legislation on Legalization of Cannabis this Spring, the Third Annual Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo (CHCE) taking place on May 6 and 7, 2017 is the perfect event to learn about the cutting-edge research on the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and the latest news on Legalization.

As the Biggest Cannabis Conference in Canada, the CHCE is for patients, health care professionals, industry experts and curious attendees. Held at the prestigious UBC Nest location, this academic setting has garnered an elite lineup of 50 distinguished international and national speakers along with 40 exhibitors.

Four hands-on workshops will educate and inform attendees on the different aspects of Cannabis including: Cooking with Cannabis (Spanakopita and Ice Cream), Making Your Own Topicals for Pain and Skin Care, Organic Growing of Cannabis, as well as Healthy Edibles and Juicing!

Panel discussions include: The Health Benefits of Cannabis for Cancer, Pain, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, etc, Cannabis Extraction and Concentrates, Cannabis Growing and Genetics, Hemp Utility, Environmental Sustainability and Legalization.

The CHCE Expo is the central place to meet and learn from over 40 exhibitors representing a wide range of businesses within the Cannabis Industry featuring products and services such as CBD and THC infused products for ailments, dried and fresh Cannabis Cultivars (strains), Cannabis Genetics, Hemp Nutrition, Growing Supplies, Cannabis Extraction methods, new vaporizer technology and much more.

Never before has there been such a wealth of information and research on the practical, therapeutic, medicinal and environmental uses of Cannabis, as well as a growing understanding and acceptance of Cannabis on the part of the general public. With greater education, Canadian citizens can make more informed decisions regarding their health and wellness!

The Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo is a valuable and exciting event as Canada paves the way for other global leaders in National Cannabis Legalization.

For more information visit: www.cannabishempconference.com